Covid-19 and EBMG

EBMG is taking all steps to keep the clinic as safe as possible. It has the following policies in place:

  • All patients must be booked in following a standard set of Covid-screening questions from our receptionists (or by booking online). We cannot accept people walking in off the street.
  • Patients must have masks on.
  • The waiting room has social distancing. If there are too many people, then those who have cars will be asked to wait in them.
  • People with respiratory symptoms, no matter how minor, will be re-directed to local Covid testing sites.
  • Telehealth is available for those who do not need to be seen face-to-face. However, the doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners are seeing patients in the clinic as appropriate.

Please phone the front desk if you are unclear about our current Covid arrangements. There is further information available on this website by clicking here.