East Bentleigh Medical Group is now providing our patients with audiology services.  Mini Gupta is a very skilled audiologist with over 16 years experience in the field of diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology. She provides government subsidised hearing services to pensioners and veterans as a provider of the Government’s Hearing Services Program. She is also a registered provider for NDIS and Medicare.

Mini is among a very few tinnitus experts in Australia. Through her expertise she has helped hundreds of tinnitus sufferers live a peaceful life. Besides tinnitus, Mini is also an expert in programming hearing aids even for the most advanced hearing losses.

Mini can also help you with the following:

  • Paediatric ear and hearing assessment
  • Ear wax micro-suctioning
  • Management of blocked ears
  • Community Awareness Programs
  • Ear and hearing care programs for aged/residential care facilities.

Please talk to your doctor about seeing Mini or call her directly on 03 9886 7157 to book an appointment.

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