Skin Deep

Taking care of your health should include looking after your skin and you can trust the doctors at EBMG to help you now.

Skin checks

Dr Lucy Buchanan

Dr Vanessa Huang







Drs Vanessa Huang, Lucy Buchanan and Ingrid Lipka offer full body skin checks and will quickly address any worrying moles or spots.  If required, removals and procedures are carried out on site, in our modern treatment rooms with the expert assistance of our friendly practice nurses.   If you would like to have a skin check for peace of mind, or you are worried about a particular spot, make an appointment, specifically for a skin check today and tick that job off your list!

Anti-wrinkle treatment 

If you are seeking a refreshed, relaxed, happier and natural appearance anti-wrinkle injections are a quick, easy and highly effective way to achieve this.  Dr Ingrid Lipka provides same day consultation and anti-wrinkle injections with personalised advice on suitable areas and achievable results.

Injections take 3 to 4 days to start working and last from 3 to 12 months depending on area and dose applied. For first time treatments a second top up session is recommended 1 week later.


Approximate costs for common treatments are:

Dr Ingrid Lipka

Forehead, Crows Feet, Between brows (11’s), Neck Cords, Jawline Sculpting – $144 each

Lip lift, Chin Crease softening, Brow Lift, Gummy Smile- $48 each

Of course, for the healthiest skin, good skin care and diet is imperative, don’t forget your sunscreen and no smoking!

Dr Ingrid Lipka also provides injections for the following Medical indications:

Blepharospasm, Masseter Hypertrophy, Migraine, Facial Asymmetry e.g. post Stroke.

Patients will need to fully self-fund for these indications as no Medicare rebates apply.

Call 9579 2077 to make a double appointment, specifying it is for an anti-wrinkle treatment, with Ingrid.