Skin Checks, Procedures and Cosmetics

EBMG provides the following dermatological services:

  • Skin checks for sunspots, melanomas and other skin cancers – some doctors use a specialised technique called dermoscopy to assist in diagnosing skin lesions
  • Excision of skin lesions – either because they are ‘suspicious’ or for cosmetic reasons
  • Skin biopsies – to help in the diagnosis of skin lesions and rashes
  • Cosmetic procedures including:
    • anti-wrinkle injections
    • dermal fillers
    • PRP
    • PDO threads

See Dr Ingrid Lipka Tuesday to Friday for anti-wrinkle injections, book here.

Or, Dr Wod al-Khateeb can see you on Saturdays, also for anti-wrinkle injections as well as all other cosmetic procedures.  Make an appointment with Dr Wod here.  See her website to view her work or learn more about the procedures on her Instagram page @drwod _ cosmetic _ clinic